And here’s why,

The week started off by Emma and I leaving sunny Tenerife early on a Monday morning, where our first flight took us to Barcelona. During our layover there Emma made some jokes about the fact that the particular airline we were about to fly with often looses its luggage… Needless to say, she should’ve never made that joke, because that is exactly what later happened to us. Arriving to Geneva after sunset meeting up with Emma’s sister Josefine at the airport who was joining us for the week, we were all very happy and over excited. But without our luggage. Also, a very smart idea was to pack all our things for the week in the same bag. (that was my idea by the way…)

Loosing your luggage when going on a ski trip is not something I would recommend to do. It might seem like one of those simple things with an easy solution, but I can guarantee you, it’s not. Luckily we had some great people that came to our rescue. Tuesday morning started with a big French breakfast and a quick pitstop to the store and then we were on our way and ready to hit the slopes. We jumped into the car, got in a cable car and were about to experience some of that fresh fallen powder from the night before with our borrowed ski clothes and rented gear.

Pow pow powder! I’ve heard so many people say how amazing it is to ski powder, but honestly I can’t say that my own experience had been as great as they all described it. Well, that was about to change. For the whole week in Chamonix we were fortunate enough to have our own personal experienced mountain guide. Even though I’ve been skiing since four years old and always felt pretty confident on skis, our guide, which happened to be the best instructor, taught us so many tips and tricks over the week that it almost felt as if we all learned how to ski the RIGHT way for the first time. The first and second day he took us powder skiing in some truly amazing and adventurous off piste places. The thing is that when skiing with a guide you don’t really pay that much attention on exactly where you are…so we simply didn’t know where we were at the time. But I have managed to figure out that we went everywhere around Les Houches, Le Tour and Balme Vallorcine. Oh, and Emma definitely won the gold medal in eating the most snow those first two days.

Even though the first days skiing meant no luggage, neither ski clothes nor gear, but loads of powder and a whole other lot of willpower and positive energy, it turned out to be a great start to the week! On Wednesday night we finally got the call that our luggage had arrived, so a night spent in the car back and forth to Geneva Airport meant that we were all ready for Thursday’s adventures in Cormayeur, Italy. Once in Italy we managed to catch our first rays of sun for the week. After a bit of drone flying, skiing in some nice slopes with a view of the backside of Mont Blanc and not to mention the AMAZING traditional Italian food at Chiecco Ristorante, our Thursday was complete. We also made a night time visit to the Swedish-owned restaurant MOÖ located in the valley, a place all three of us recommend if you’re up for some good vibes and really nice burgers!

These first few days left me with memories that I will never forget, but little did we know that the rest of the week was going to bring the best experiences I have ever had in my life so far. More to come, so stay tuned!

Xx, Maria


Paris, lovely Paris! What a wonderful city full of life! I couldn't think of a better way of exploring this city for the first time than with the two of you. It was a spontaneous trip consisting of two full days before heading back to Tenerife again. I can't wait for our next adventure together! Check out Marias Instagram here and Malins here :) 


Paul Hewitt (here) - Gold Sailor Line Collection Watch with Gold Strap and White Dial

Had a lovely day in the sun with my sisters and bestie Emma. We decided to go to our all time favourite beach on Tenerife called Abama beach, I love this place because there are cliffs you can jump from if you ever get tired of just laying down (always happens to me). Also, there's a really nice restaurant right on the beach overlooking the ocean, I ordered a glass of wine, nachos and a cheesecake, perfect combination if you ask me :D 


Photos by my very talented friend Emma, together with my other friend Maria who came to visit me here on Tenerife for the weekend. Now she's in Bali enjoying her vacation in beautiful Indonesia. How I wish I could be there with you!! Next time you won't be able to leave without me! Speaking about traveling.. Emma and I have booked a flight to Geneva, we're going to Chamonix, and are over the moon excited for our ski vacation together!! Can't wait to show you pictures from the slopes (in my new jacket and pants 🤓 ) And Emma's sister is coming with as well, gaaaah can't wait!! Also, I bought a drone. To many exciting things are happening in March, give me March now please.




Paul Hewitt (here) - Gold Sailor Line Collection Watch with Gold Strap and White Dial

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard! This is your first officer speaking and I have the pleasure to take you to our destination of today" :) Here are some pictures from last week's flight to East Midlands, UK and Treviso, Italy :) I was so excited to see my bestie Maria Pettersson on the ground during our turnaround in Treviso. Thanks for the cannoli from Sicily my love, they were delicious!! Also, my other bestie Malin Rydqvist was on the same flight as I was flying back to Tenerife. Imagine how surprised I was when I found her sitting there on row four, neither of us knowing we were on the same flight! I got to see my two best friends on the same day, that is what I call a good day! 



Leather jacket (here) / Sunglasses (here) / Sneakers (here) / Watch (here)

Went outside to get the last minutes of sunlight of the day. What a talent my friend Emma is capturing this moment, I'm lucky to have you! Since January of this year Emma moved in with me here on Tenerife keeping me company, and in April we're moving to new apartment together with another girl, Malin :) I'm super excited for all the adventures our little trio is going to have! April couldn't come sooner!! 



I have to share this great restaurant with you that my friend Emma and I went to the other day. We had spent all day in the north of the island and were on our way home when we thought it would be a good idea to stop for some food. We drove to this village called Tajao were we found a long line of people outside a place called Agua y Sal. We thought it had to be a pretty good restaurant if so many people were waiting to get a table and we were right! After 45 minutes of waiting outside enjoying the sun, we got a table for two and had the best spagetti marinara we could ask for. I love to find new nice restaurants, with great service and food (side note: also found a cool beach right next to this place that I've never been to before!) Next time I'l book a table in advance :)