Window, middle or aisle?

Why do I wear my full uniform when traveling as a passenger? It's because whenever I go back home to Sweden I jumpseat with the company I work for, and when I do so, I have to wear the uniform. Simple as that 😁

What seat do you prefer? Window, middle or aisle? I tend to choose the window seat whenever I can, so I'm in control of the window shade and if I ever get bored I can always look outside. The only problem is when I have to run to the bathroom and the passengers next to me are asleep haha 🙈




I think I do!

Flying a helicopter over Cape Town, above the mountains and down in the valleys was FREAKING amazing. My favourite part was when we were looking for an opening in the clouds, and then we saw it and just dove down to see all the beautiful waterfalls!! South Africa. You have my heart.

I sometimes have to pinch my arm to believe this was actually happening. And the best of all was I got to do it with my two favourite pilot girls! I absolutely LOVE to travel with you and can't wait for our next Swedish Flight Mafia adventure together! 

Pilot: Ari Kraak at the Aviation Pilot Training flight school (Congratulations to your first SOLO FLIGHT in the airplane!!)



Hello Rome!

I've been to a few cities in Italy, but Rome makes it to the top of my list! There's no cosier (or crazier) city to just stroll the streets, finding nice restaurants and cute hangouts around every corner. And if you dare to risk your life, I'd really recommend renting a scooter or just go by bike to see most of this amazing wonderful city and its breathtaking ancient buildings!

Viktor and I stayed for 3 days while off work and we couldn't get enough! We have a few new favourite restaurants and hidden gems we'd love to go back to - so long Rome ;)



Emma and I were invited by the Grupo Nassau to stay at their beautiful boutique hotel Casa Munich just outside of Ibiza town for a few days. We had an exciting week with quite a full schedule, our goal of the trip was to explore the island as much as we possibly could. Throughout the week we got to see the island's beautiful landscape and a visit to the nearby island Formentera, which is now my absolute favourite spot in Europe. We also had the chance to visit the Nassau Beach Club for the closing party of the year and got invited for dinner at their partner restaurant Tanit - never had that good ceviche before... 

Photos taken and edited by talented Emma Möllerberg ❤️ Check out her Instagram here!

I made a vlog about our trip on my YouTube channel! You can check it out here below 😘 Please subscribe here ❤️




When Maria asks me if I want to come to Italy to fly a Tiger Moth from the 1930's - I'm not going to say no. 

We stayed at the cutest little Bed&Breakfast just outside of Fano, and the older couple that rented our room out to us was so kind and friendly. They gave us maps and showed us where to go. I've never been to the east coast of Italy, so the first thing Maria and I decided to do (after enjoying a typical Italian breakfast) was to take our rental car to go see Fano town.

We didn't stay for long because we had other plans for that day - so after an hour or two we headed to an airfield not too far away where we met up with Cesare and Corrado. Together they fly the legendary open canopy Tiger Moth from 1930. They wanted our help to do their adventure of their lifetime - to participate in the Vintage Air Rally, where only 15 vintage airplanes will be selected to be part of this life-changing crazy trip that begins from the world’s southernmost airport, Ushuaia, Argentina, and heading north to Florida, USA, journey’s end.

Both Maria and I know what it's like to have a dream and thought that if we could help just a little bit with achieving theirs, then we're more than happy to do whatever it takes. The selection of which teams that will qualify is judged solely on popularity and likes on the Vintage Air Rally's Facebook Page, I ask everyone to give a big thump up by liking Cesare and Corrado's video on Facebook! I know it would make both of them so happy! 😀 Also, there's a flight giveaway!! One person of every 1000 that liked, commented or shared their video on the Vintage Air Rally's Facebook Page will get selected to get to fly with Corrado in the Tiger Moth!!

Flying the Tiger Moth was so much fun I couldn't stop smiling, THIS was truly something I've never experienced before and I'd love to do it over and over again. It's so different from anything I've ever flown before, such freedom feeling the wind with the open canopy. After our flight in the Tiger Moth we had a little break before our next adventure - skydiving.

Even though I've had the chance to try skydiving before with the Breitling team in Dijon, this was something completely different. We had the pleasure to jump out on an aircraft from 14000 feet (we normally use oxygen when at this altitude) while the sun was setting. It was SO beautiful to see the east coast of Italy at this altitude, and I was enjoying it so much more this time than the first time because I was feeling more relaxed. 

We got back to our cute little B&B that evening and went to bed with the biggest smile you can image on our faces. The next day before I went back to Tenerife and Maria to Sicily, we went on a little roadtrip to San Marino - a country I've heard so much about but never had visited. And I'm so happy we did this trip, because I liked it so much! The weather was perfect and so were the views! We didn't have much spare time before we had to go to the airport and catch our flights, so we tried to see as much as we possibly could. But both Maria and I said to ourselves that we definitely needed to come back, and next time we'd bring Malin with us, because without her our Swedish Flight Mafia trio isn't complete ❤️

Bye Italy & San Marino, until next time! Arrivederci 👋

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I went to London for three days to visit my friend Abbie. We strolled around the big city, visited Big Ben and jumped on a bus to go see all the lovely neighbourhoods around. Ate some great food at cute cafes and bought ourselves an umbrella at the Portabello market - yes, it was raining the whole weekend we were there. But that's okay, I still love you London :) 


Photos taken and edited by Emma 📸

During our last days in Abu Dhabi we stayed at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton hotel, which has the most stunning view over the Grand Mosque. Couldn’t think of a better way of spending our last day in UAE than visiting this impressive landmark. From our balcony we had the green garden of the hotel and the mosque in the background, it was almost magical, so beautiful!! And to top that off the Al Bateen Executive Airport lies right next to the mosque so we could do some proper plane spotting with all the aircrafts coming on final approach for landing - all from our own balcony. A pilot’s dream.

Thank you Ritz-Carlton in Abu Dhabi for your excellent service and helping us arrange everything, giving us an experience of a lifetime!