BAAAM 🤜🏼💥🤛🏼 It’s time to give back!!


As you know it’s a shame we’re not allowed to bring passengers with us in the flight deck, for obvious safety reasons 🤷🏼‍♀️ However, @viktorfors and I thought we’d change that and together we’ve come up with a new awesome project I wanted to share with you all right NOW! ⠀

Our new little secret project is called “Mr&Mrs Pilot” (...get it? we thought it was quite catchy even though we’re not even married haha 🤪) It’s going to be a BRAND NEW series on my YouTube channel with an aim of creating informative yet FUN videos for those of you interested to learn more about what’s going on behind those closed flight deck doors. It’s going to be for EVERYONE. Not using difficult aviation terms and language, keeping it simple while showing you our world from the best seats in the airplane! Mr&Mrs Pilot wouldn’t be possible without our previous flight school @osmaviationacademy who are letting us use their Boeing 737 simulator! Excited?? ME TOO 😁 ⠀

You guys know that I always try my best to give you VALUABLE content. Either if that is giving inspiration, empowering others or get you that extra motivation boost - I’m here for that. So I need your help to create content for our new video project! Tell me what do YOU want to watch and learn about? Any questions you might have or a specific aviation subject you’d like us to cover - everything is welcomed! Leave a comment below!! ⠀

➜ Here’s a link to my YouTube channel:

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So... who wears it better? 😏 Don’t you just hate when your boyfriend copy your on-point outfit like that? 🤪💁🏼‍♀️ ⠀


Anyhow, here’s a question that I got from the best #crew on Instagram (that’s you guys): “So what’s in that HUGE flight bag of yours?” 👈🏼 ⠀

I’ll tell you what I hide in there. But don’t tell anyone else. Mostly food: breakfast, lunch and some snacks. At least 1,5 liters of water. My company iPad (for performance calculations, documentations and charts). Uniform jacket. Umbrella. And wet wipes because the flight deck is full of germs 🦠🤢 #RealPilotInsights ⠀

This is the glorious/not-so-glorious life of a pilot working for the biggest low-cost carrier in Europe ✌🏼 But honestly, I DON’T MIND carrying that big bag with me, I’d rather eat my homemade meals anyways. (However, it would be nice to get cold fresh water at work). But that’s OKAY. Because you know what? Negative thinking will never make your life positive. There SO MANY positives that comes with this work, like the fixed schedule, living in Spain with my hubby, the free time off, the excitement to FLY makes up for anything and I believe it’s the best job in the world ☺️ ⠀

Here’s your lesson for today: when you focus on problems, you’ll have more problems. When you focus on POSSIBILITIES, you’ll get more OPPORTUNITIES 🙌🏼 #positivemindset Now: #SHARE this with someone who needs to hear this ☝🏼 ⠀

What would you say to him?


Did you know that there’s just above 5% female pilots in the aviation industry today working as commercial pilots? That is 95% MEN. 👨🏼‍✈️ ⠀

But to be honest, I don’t mind. I don’t feel I get treated differently than any of my colleagues, and that’s EXACTLY how it should be. However, every now and then I meet people at work that don’t see me as an equal to my male colleagues. 🙄 ⠀

One of these rare encounters happened just the other day when I was outside doing the pre-flight inspection walking around the plane. While doing so I told the fueler how many tons of fuel the captain and myself had decided we wanted to uplift. Since there was some thunderstorms around we wanted another 2 ton, just to give us some extra time up there in case we needed it. Nothing unusual. ⛈⛽️ ⠀

That’s when this guy, elderly man in his 60’s, refused to start the fueling as he thought I was asking for too much fuel for the relatively short trip and demanded to speak with “the real pilot” aka. the captain, for him to confirm the figures. 😑

His behavior took me completely by surprise, and I found myself in a situation where I needed to explain myself why we needed the extra fuel and assure him I was a “real pilot” too. 🤷🏼‍♀️ ⠀

What would you say in this situation? 💬 ⠀

This caption got a lot longer than I initially intended, but I wanted to share with you a bit of real insights into my aviation world. But let’s end on the positive note: the latest statistics shows a positive trend seeing more female pilots in the industry. Which is freaking awesome. 🙌🏼 ⠀

What are your thoughts on this? 💭 ⠀

Want to check out the FLIGHT DECK?


Would you like to visit the flight deck or are you one of those who’d rather run out of the airplane as soon as it touches down? 👈

For obvious safety reasons, we’re not allowed to let any passenger in while we’re airborne. However, there’s no rules that says you can’t visit the flight deck once on the ground! 😉

It’s always appreciated when we get to say hi to these tiny humans and watch their eyes lit up as they get excited seeing all the buttons 😍 (Big humans are welcome to visit too)✌️



WHAT IS the 10-10-10 rule?


Do you ever struggle with making the right decisions? 🤔⠀

I have this really good tool that I use to help myself with my own decision-making that I wanted to share with you guys 👈

Ok so here goes! It’s called the 10-10-10-analysis, and before I explain what it is, I can’t take any credit as I didn’t came up with this brilliant thought myself ➡️ I got it from talented @jordanleedooley who wrote the book called “Own Your Everyday” (SO GOOD and totally recommend) 💯

Anyhow, it stands for: ⠀

• 10 minutes ⠀

• 10 weeks

• 10 months ⠀

The idea is for you to image yourself how you will I feel about a specific decision you’re about to make after 10 minutes. 10 weeks. And then after 10 months 💬 ⠀

The GOAL is to make the right choice for the FUTURE YOU, and not going for the option what will only leave the PRESENT YOU momentarily happy. Because it’s not worth saying yes to someone or something that will only give you happiness in the next 10 minutes, and that will leave you feeling overwhelmed 10 weeks from now when you’re in the middle of it, or unhappy 10 months from now. 🤷🏼‍♀️⠀

Instead, focus on SAYING YES to the project that will give you happiness in the LONG TERM 🙏🏼 ⠀

The best thing is that the 10-10-10-rule can be applied in almost any situation! BRILLIANT if you ask me 💯 What do you think? 👍 or 👍?

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Hello there my awesome crew 👋🏼 Can you locate the 🧯 in this picture? Comment ”🔥” if you found it within 3 seconds 😏

My beloved computer decided to stop working this week, so while it’s taking a trip to the service centre (aka vacation) I’m sharing this little snap from my last day at work when I flew to Santiago de Compostela, edited on my phone ☺️ Do you like it?



Hello everyone 👋🏼 I see a lot of new faces on here so I thought I’d introduce myself!

First of all, welcome onboard ladies and gentlemen, I’m Maria and I’m the person behind this blog, my Instagram & YouTube account - all under the handle @mariathepilot 👩🏼‍✈️

But just to make it 100% clear: this is NOT a one-woman show, this is a COMMUNITY of awesome people who wants to get an insight into the aviation world, and hopefully get inspired by the content I share, leaving you with that empowering kind of feeling for the rest of your day 💪🏼

I consider myself a tech geek with a terrible handwriting who loves chai tea and dance to loud music by myself. I’m passionate about personal development, and I LOVE that I get to share a part of my life with you guys!  So, what can you expect to find on here?

You’ll find anything really from my daily life as an airline pilot to tools to use to reach your goals, spark your creativity and be an inspiration for you to stay motivated throughout your studies or wherever and whatever you might be doing in your life. Mostly it’s stuff I hear from listening to podcasts/reading books by way more talented/interesting/intellectual people than myself 😜

My favorite part is INTERACTING with you guys, reading your comments, hearing your stories and seeing you getting involved. You’re all part of this community and THAT’S what really motivates me to consistently create valuable content for you! So a BIG KISS to my lovely CREW who shares, comments, sending DMs, tagging your friends - yoooou da best 👊🏼

Now, that’s enough about me 😅 Tell me at least ONE THING about yourself below 💬 ⠀



Hey crew 👋🏼 Here are my top 5 travel hacks:

1. I always try to pack light. Not because I necessarily want to, but I’ve had some bad experience with airlines loosing my checked in bags (one too many times) 😒 So when I can, I go for just the carry-on. However, when on longer trips and I have to check in my luggage, then I always make sure to TAG MY BAG. And yes, capital letters because this tip is SO IMPORTANT. And while you’re at it, tag your bag with an extra label saying “fragile” and that may increase the chances of the airport staff handling your stuff with more care even if it isn't fragile ⚠️

2. By now we all know about the liquid limitations over 100 ml at the security check, and the same rules goes for aircrew (like in the UK) 🤦🏼‍♀️ So what I do to stay hydrated is bringing my own empty bottle because there’s no rule that says you can’t take on an empty bottle of any size 😉 And once you go airside just refill it from a drinking water tap, or you can ask any restaurant and they will happily do it for you! 💦

3. There’s nothing worse then finding out your sitting next to a screaming baby and the rechargeable batteries in your noise canceling headset has run out. So bring your power bank with you in your carry-on. A portable charger has saved me so many times I’ve lost count. And get one of those 3-in-1 cable for all your tech gadgets so you can charge on-the-go ⚡️

4. A travel hack that surprises me that many people don’t know about is actually a tip you can use BEFORE even booking your trip ➡️ GO INCOGNITO while browsing for your tickets. The truth is many companies collect data from its customers how often people visit the sites and what times of days they check so they can boost the prices during those hours. So stay private and book your next trip at the earliest hours of the day 💤

5. Another tip to save your precious money: use cash machines instead of currency exchange centers. It’s unbelievable how much they charge to convert the cash, it may be convenient but it’s not worth it. Instead, using an ATM is both quicker AND cheaper 💸