Mount Teide with it’s 3718 meter (12198feet) makes this vulcano the highest point in Spain, and I’ve been to the very top!! The views from up there are breathtaking (really, it’s hard to breath from just walking at those altitudes), on a clear day you can see all the seven islands, it’s absolutely beautiful.

It’s a bit crazy to be able to swim in the ocean in the morning and later in the afternoon having a snowball fight above the clouds. If you plan to visit Tenerife and El Teide, don’t worry, you don’t have to climb the whole mountain to get up there, there is a cabin lift that will take you all the way to the top, well alomost, the last 200 meters you’ll need a permit which is free but you need to apply for it beforehand. I’ve had the opportunity to visit El Teide a few times and everytime it chocks me how cold it gets up there, so don’t forget a warm jacket. First time I went up there I had shorts on.. not recommended.