Photos and edits by Emma and Abbie.

After two full days spent in Dubai and a one-hour taxi drive away, we had now finally arrived to Abu Dhabi, the capital city of United Arab Emirates. We checked into the modern Rosewood Hotel on Al Maryah Island, overlooking the Arabian Gulf and headed straight to the second floor's Manor Club Lounge. We heard there was going to be something to eat there - and there was plenty! So when our stomachs were filled with all different kinds of yummy snacks and food we wanted to check out the massive pool area before going to a public beach just outside the city.  If it wouldn't have been for our goal that day to go to the beach, I think we would have easily just stayed by the cooled-down pool. But we didn't, and the rest became a very sweaty story...

Going to the beach in UAE is quite special during the month of June. The water temperature compared to the temperature in the air wasn't that big of a difference. We struggled to keep ourselves cool in 45-degrees heat, adding that we're not allowed to drink any cold water due to the fact that we visited during the holy month of Ramadan and therefore wanted to show respect. So, our visit to the beach was a quick one and after barely standing the heat an hour or two later we once again found ourselves in a taxi on our way back to our air-conditioned suite at the Rosewood. We spent the evening on another beach (when the temperature had dropped a bit) watching the sun set over the majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – what a perfect first day spent in Abu Dhabi!