Hey crew 👋🏼 Here are my top 5 travel hacks:

1. I always try to pack light. Not because I necessarily want to, but I’ve had some bad experience with airlines loosing my checked in bags (one too many times) 😒 So when I can, I go for just the carry-on. However, when on longer trips and I have to check in my luggage, then I always make sure to TAG MY BAG. And yes, capital letters because this tip is SO IMPORTANT. And while you’re at it, tag your bag with an extra label saying “fragile” and that may increase the chances of the airport staff handling your stuff with more care even if it isn't fragile ⚠️

2. By now we all know about the liquid limitations over 100 ml at the security check, and the same rules goes for aircrew (like in the UK) 🤦🏼‍♀️ So what I do to stay hydrated is bringing my own empty bottle because there’s no rule that says you can’t take on an empty bottle of any size 😉 And once you go airside just refill it from a drinking water tap, or you can ask any restaurant and they will happily do it for you! 💦

3. There’s nothing worse then finding out your sitting next to a screaming baby and the rechargeable batteries in your noise canceling headset has run out. So bring your power bank with you in your carry-on. A portable charger has saved me so many times I’ve lost count. And get one of those 3-in-1 cable for all your tech gadgets so you can charge on-the-go ⚡️

4. A travel hack that surprises me that many people don’t know about is actually a tip you can use BEFORE even booking your trip ➡️ GO INCOGNITO while browsing for your tickets. The truth is many companies collect data from its customers how often people visit the sites and what times of days they check so they can boost the prices during those hours. So stay private and book your next trip at the earliest hours of the day 💤

5. Another tip to save your precious money: use cash machines instead of currency exchange centers. It’s unbelievable how much they charge to convert the cash, it may be convenient but it’s not worth it. Instead, using an ATM is both quicker AND cheaper 💸