When Emma, Abbie and I first booked our tickets to go visit the sparkly and mysterious UAE with the two destinations Dubai and Abu Dhabi none of us knew that we were planning our stay during Ramadan. When we realized I think all of us got a bit worried. What were we getting ourselves into when travelling to a country where the average temperature during summer is at least 40 C (105F), and the month of Ramadan means no drinks or food in public while the sun is up? Well, let’s jump ahead a bit and start by saying that I am so happy that we actually went during Ramadan, because all the things we got to experience have created memories that I will cherish forever. 

Our trip started by arriving to Dubai late, and by late I mean just before sunrise, so maybe it was early?! The first thing that chocked us all, even though we had tried to prepare ourselves, was the desert heat. It was SO hot!! During the first two days of our trip we had the opportunity of staying with my good friend Gio, a former colleague now based in Dubai. We arrived to his amazing apartment and managed to watch the sunrise before we all crashed into bed. 

That first day of our trip meant sleeping in, as all three of us were extremely tired from travelling. My friend Abbie from New York joined Emma and I for this trip, and she is an amazing photographer – making us a little trio of photo geeks! After a tasteful home made breakfast, Gio took us to the Dubai Mall which is the world’s largest shopping mall (!), where we went to the fountain at the bottom of Burj Khalifa and kept on stopping everywhere to take photos. I told you we are photo geeks. After a relaxed afternoon hanging out, we took the car to the Palm Island where we decided to go for Iftar, which is the first evening meal after sunset, where muslim families break the fast with a huge feast shared with friends and family. We went home full with excitement for the adventures the day after and our stomachs filled with traditional Arabian food so good it should be outlawed! 



All photos edited by my talented friend Emma!