Photos taken and edited by Emma 📸

"It's like taking a boat 12 minutes from Abu Dhabi and arriving to the Maldives". That's what we were told, which definitely raised our expectations by a lot. But they were right. Zaya Nurai Island is a small private resort island and you could easily walk around the whole thing in an hour or two. It's incredibly beautiful, with the whitest of beaches and the most turquoise water. A visit to this island should be on your list of things to do when in the area, as it definitely qualifies as one of my top 3 things that we did while visiting UAE earlier this summer.



Leather jacket (here) / Sunglasses (here) / Sneakers (here) / Watch (here)

Went outside to get the last minutes of sunlight of the day. What a talent my friend Emma is capturing this moment, I'm lucky to have you! Since January of this year Emma moved in with me here on Tenerife keeping me company, and in April we're moving to new apartment together with another girl, Malin :) I'm super excited for all the adventures our little trio is going to have! April couldn't come sooner!! 



My bestie (and awesome photographer) Emma Möllerberg and I enjoying the views and sunny weather on top of the hill. It took us a good half an hour to climb to the top of this mountain called La Montaña Amarilla. The views are always better when you earn them! Other than stunning views and a lot of cactuses along the way we got ourselves a great workout.