Paul Hewitt (here) - Gold Sailor Line Collection Watch with Gold Strap and White Dial

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard! This is your first officer speaking and I have the pleasure to take you to our destination of today" :) Here are some pictures from last week's flight to East Midlands, UK and Treviso, Italy :) I was so excited to see my bestie Maria Pettersson on the ground during our turnaround in Treviso. Thanks for the cannoli from Sicily my love, they were delicious!! Also, my other bestie Malin Rydqvist was on the same flight as I was flying back to Tenerife. Imagine how surprised I was when I found her sitting there on row four, neither of us knowing we were on the same flight! I got to see my two best friends on the same day, that is what I call a good day!