Hello everyone 👋🏼 I see a lot of new faces on here so I thought I’d introduce myself!

First of all, welcome onboard ladies and gentlemen, I’m Maria and I’m the person behind this blog, my Instagram & YouTube account - all under the handle @mariathepilot 👩🏼‍✈️

But just to make it 100% clear: this is NOT a one-woman show, this is a COMMUNITY of awesome people who wants to get an insight into the aviation world, and hopefully get inspired by the content I share, leaving you with that empowering kind of feeling for the rest of your day 💪🏼

I consider myself a tech geek with a terrible handwriting who loves chai tea and dance to loud music by myself. I’m passionate about personal development, and I LOVE that I get to share a part of my life with you guys!  So, what can you expect to find on here?

You’ll find anything really from my daily life as an airline pilot to tools to use to reach your goals, spark your creativity and be an inspiration for you to stay motivated throughout your studies or wherever and whatever you might be doing in your life. Mostly it’s stuff I hear from listening to podcasts/reading books by way more talented/interesting/intellectual people than myself 😜

My favorite part is INTERACTING with you guys, reading your comments, hearing your stories and seeing you getting involved. You’re all part of this community and THAT’S what really motivates me to consistently create valuable content for you! So a BIG KISS to my lovely CREW who shares, comments, sending DMs, tagging your friends - yoooou da best 👊🏼

Now, that’s enough about me 😅 Tell me at least ONE THING about yourself below 💬 ⠀