BAAAM 🤜🏼💥🤛🏼 It’s time to give back!!


As you know it’s a shame we’re not allowed to bring passengers with us in the flight deck, for obvious safety reasons 🤷🏼‍♀️ However, @viktorfors and I thought we’d change that and together we’ve come up with a new awesome project I wanted to share with you all right NOW! ⠀

Our new little secret project is called “Mr&Mrs Pilot” (…get it? we thought it was quite catchy even though we’re not even married haha 🤪) It’s going to be a BRAND NEW series on my YouTube channel with an aim of creating informative yet FUN videos for those of you interested to learn more about what’s going on behind those closed flight deck doors. It’s going to be for EVERYONE. Not using difficult aviation terms and language, keeping it simple while showing you our world from the best seats in the airplane! Mr&Mrs Pilot wouldn’t be possible without our previous flight school @osmaviationacademy who are letting us use their Boeing 737 simulator! Excited?? ME TOO 😁 ⠀

You guys know that I always try my best to give you VALUABLE content. Either if that is giving inspiration, empowering others or get you that extra motivation boost – I’m here for that. So I need your help to create content for our new video project! Tell me what do YOU want to watch and learn about? Any questions you might have or a specific aviation subject you’d like us to cover – everything is welcomed! Leave a comment below!! ⠀

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