3 things that sucks when you’re a pilot

Let’s be real. You guys know by now that I like to keep a positive vibe on here when sharing my aviation world with you. Well… I’m going to change that up a bit 🔝🤪 ⠀


Even though I love my job doesn’t mean I necessarily love every single aspect of it. So ladies and gentleman; here are 3 things that SUCKS when you’re a pilot: ⠀

#1 – Going to the toilet. Because you can’t just quietly and quickly pop out and do your business without anyone notices. Nope. Not when you’re a pilot. It’s a looong procedure that involves all of the crew onboard, and then when every single passenger are back in their seats with their seatbelts on 💺 then you can come out from your cosy dark hiding to enter the bright spotlights of the cabin while everyone is watching you sneaking into the toilet (totally messes up your night vision too). Then everyone is just waiting for you to finish to get back to their own business – not ideal… 🤦🏼‍♀️🚽 ⠀

#2 – Imagine it’s been a long day and you’re been waiting for your food to get finish heated in the oven, then finally you get your beloved food and are about to enjoy when suddenly… TURBULENCE hits 😱 So instead of you digging into your delicious meal, you get to spend the rest of the flight watching the speed like a hawk for it not to get into a overspeed or too low speed. That means: no food for you 😩

#3 – Passengers who judges a pilot by her/his landing. A hard landing is NOT a bad landing. Wind, rain, breaking action, NOTAMS and runway length/condition are all considerations that takes into account when making the decision on how to land. So if you’re in the back, don’t judge a pilot on their last 3 seconds of their long 12-duty 🙇🏼‍♀️ ⠀

Let’s keep this vibe going 🔝🤪 What’s the worst thing about YOUR work/school/partner? Let it out!! Maybe you’ll feel better about it afterwards 😂

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