Be afraid and Do it anyways

It’s easy to tell when someone is passionate about something. Their eyes lit up when they talk about it and they have an easy flow finding the words because they are just so damn excited talking about it. ⠀


We have this saying in Swedish “jag brinner för” which stands for “I burn for”. The meaning behind it is when you’re really into something you get this energy bomb like you’re whole body is on fire 🔥 (in a good way 🤪) ⠀

I get this excited when I accomplish something I’ve pushed myself to do, something that I’d get nervous even thinking about. Because that’s when you learn and GROW as a person, and I have a huuuuge passion for personal development. ⠀

I love the saying “life begins outside of your comfort zone” – because it’s just SO true!! It’s when you challenge yourself that you’ll get to experience the REAL reward. That’s where you’ll reach your goals, and that’s where LIFE is! ➜ So for today’s lesson: Know that it is OKAY to be nervous or afraid and DO IT ANYWAYS, the reward will leave you feeling satisfied and fulfilled, and there’s simply no better feeling than that. 🙏🏼 ⠀

Tell me, what gets YOU nervous? 💬

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