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🚩 ”What are your favorite places you’ve gotten to see/go as part of your job?” #MariasCrew 💬⠀ ⠀


As a short-haul pilot working for one of the biggest airlines in Europe I don’t get to see many new places. We have less than 30 minutes on the ground before we fly back home. It’s of course different if you do longer flights, then you need the rest and usually stay for days at your destination before heading back home and you’ll have the time to explore the place, but probably have to deal with jet lag instead 😴 ⠀ ⠀

However, as you guys know I like to focus on the positive in life, so what I appreciate the most with being a short haul pilot is that I always get to sleep in my own bed, and don’t do any overnights at hotels away from @viktorfors ❤️ Instead we tend to travel together on our days off from work 😊 Right now we’re back in Marrakech, where in the world are you? 🇲🇦 ⠀ ⠀

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  1. Heyy Maria… Which do you think is better.. Doing aerospace engineering after my highschool then going to a flying school or going straight to a flying school after my highschool?

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